Presentation 1: Due to an error in video, this recording will not be published. However to make up for it, we’ve given you complimentary access to Jason’s complete YouTube ads course.
Speaker: Jason Stogsdill

Presentation 2: How To Win Celebrities As Clients For Your Ad Agency
Speaker: Alejandro Reyes

Presentation 3: How To Build An Off The Charts YouTube Ad (& Make Ad Buying Simple Again)
Speaker: Tom Breeze

Presentation 4: Creatives that Convert - A Tiktok First Strategy
Speaker: Roop Sood

Presentation 5: Old School To New School
Speaker: David L. Deutsch

Presentation 6: 5 Keys To Build a Million Dollar Marketing Agency
Speaker: Ben Simkin

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Meet Your Speakers

Jason Stogsdill

Alejandro Reyes

David L. Deutsch