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The Edge #088 – Secret success hack

In 2004, three guys from Sydney, Australia started a little online bookstore called Booktopia. Yup, going up against Amazon, who was already a giant 15 years ago. To a market – Australia – that’s around 64{3f5cb5fa291a08a195abae09500dd2fa4db7c70ff8ce01c58f36dfd7c0426170} of the population of California. In an industry that everybody was already saying was dead. With a grand total […]


Daily Edge #063

What’s up my friends, I think I’m finally kicking this cold. Elderberry syrup FTW! Ok… Sudafed and Tylenol helped too. I believe in merging the east and west when it comes to medicine. Fun fact, I am very much into Ayurveda. In general I think we figured out more thousands of years ago, than we […]


Daily Edge #059

What’s up my friends, Bah-humbug, it’s a stormy day here in Abay so couldn’t take my boat out. We went into town instead and had us a fancy sit-down lunch. Hoping for better weather tomorrow. Anywho, I want to write a book about what I’ve learned spending millions of dollars driving paid ads to content […]