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Daily Edge #066

Hey friends, We’re hanging out in Boston, this month but we just left Bar Harbour, Maine. What an amazing place! The views, the food, the shops, it’s like New Orleans but with maple syrup, lobster, and blueberries ? The reason we’re in Boston is our whole team is meeting for a half-time company planning meeting. […]


Daily Edge #051

What’s up my friends,Thank god today is my last day in Hershey, PA. This place is like a cell and wifi signal desert. It’s one big giant dead zone. Heading on up to Syracuse, NY tomorrow. Oh and thanks for all the replies about the power days, but we’re all filled up for the summer […]


Daily Edge #049

What’s up my friends,The whole family is hooked on Stardew Valley now. My wife started playing with my daughter, and then she wanted her own farm (because kids aren’t organized) LOL Such a fun game, and teaches things like manners, networking, seasons, money management, etc. But alas, you are not here to talk about games…. […]