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Daily Edge List – The Edge Optin 3

  Hey, I don’t want take up much of your time on a Friday night, But if you click here, that tells my email system that you want to keep getting The Daily Edge, now known as The Edge. Click or tap here and you’re done. You’ll see a simple page that says ‘thank you’, and […]


Daily Edge List – The Edge Optin 2

Money is a by-product of the value you create. We’ve all heard this from different teachers over the years… so why ain’t we DOING it? My way of creating ultimate value for you is to bring back The Daily Edge. If you want to get The Edge – click here so I know you’re in >> […]


Daily Edge List – The Edge Optin 1

Justin here, Got a small task for you in this email – but first you gotta see this… I posted something really interesting on Facebook yesterday: Cause I been thinking… you signed up for The Daily Edge, but we’ve struggled to put one out weekly.And I’m done with pitching you guys.Done with the standard ‘I.M.’ salesy […]